Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Miniature Food

This is Ready to be shipped via registered mail. 

* Two sets of sandwich with a sausage bread. 
* Orange glasses are plastic and drinks are made of 2 parts Crystal Coat bought from Japan.
* Orange Juice packet is made of good quality glossy hard paper.
* Board measure approximately 60 mm by 45mm.

Everything is not glued yet, but will be attached with glue for shipping. If you wish to have loose pieces , just email me 

Please allow 7 working days for complete drying and varnishing.

This a Resin made Yummy Chocolate Cream Puff filled with strawberries Hair clip. Sweet Japanese pastry are handmade from resin clay. Whip cream are bought from KoreA. All whip cream & parts have been glued & sealed with varnish. Parts & cream will not fall off easily.

This will be wrapped in a gift box to avoid breakage before shipping via registered mail.