Miniature Food-Wearable Treats

My Fish In Bag Stainless Steel Keychain. A piece of work I created in 2010. Revamped my Creation. I hope I find someone who is as passionate as me over this 發財魚

Miniature Food- Iced gems Charms/Keychains next at Orchard Gateway 23 - 25th Feb 2018. Grab your Fast. Each piece is 100% made by hand and painted layer by layer to seek realism:)
Singapore Heritage

Tiny fancy Macarons are individually hand sculpted by me piece by piece layer by layer down to the finest details using FIMO. The assortment of Your favorite snack are encased forever in a little glass globe and made into a long necklace hooked with /Stainless Steel metal Chain with Lobster Clasp or

Bronze Metal Finish with 26 inches length Bronze Necklace and Stainless Steel Earrings.

My Favorite Flavor ~ Mocha Macaroons Charms measures 35mm measures diameter 18 mm total height.

Handmade with Japanese Air dry Resin Clay. Strawberry measures height of 30mm. Width 23mm left to Right. Thickness of approximately 18mm. Strawberry Almost the size of my thumb.

Lace Macaron Charms

Lace Macaron Bag Charm

New Colors for Lace Macarons Handmade with Japanese AIr Dry Clay

Handmade with Oven Baked Polymer Clay

Handmade with Air Dry Porcelain

Handmade with Polymer Clay

Handmade with light weight Japanese Clay
Golden Apple Handmade with Japanese Resin Clay

Beads Chain can customize to 19" or 24" as Necklace

Cookie Phone Charms
This anti-dust stopper plug is suitable for IPHONE 5/ Iphone/phone, ipad, Samsung i9100, HTC, and all other electronic devices with ear plugs. Decorate your phone/pad and prevent dust from going into the ear plug.

100% handmade with Resin Clay and decorated with a Genuine Pink Heart Swarovski Crystal hook onto a gold tone beads chain..
Please note: All pieces are Individually handmade without mold. Each piece is unique and features slightly different details.***
Handmade Crepes Earrings

 Food Jewelry - Barbecue Pork. Well I am not not sure how much you like this, but this is something that Chinese dont miss queuing up just for to have the good ones;)
They are definitely decorated with two genuine 4mm Swarovski Red Crystals on each Ba kwa.


22 Feb 2012 We will selling new Sweet Motif Lace Macarons Jewelry & Accessories at HAKO @ Nex Serangoon.


12 Oct 2012 We are now available at HAKO at $4 each. 
EXCLUSIVELY FOR HAKO Tampines ONe ONLY ~ OOAk series - One of a Kind . 
GRAB YOURS FAST! While stock last ~

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