Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kawaii Ice Cream Charms

If you need to use any of these photos, please kindly drop us an Email and will really appreciate you can link back to our blog (pls quote 'created by funwithartz(singapore)').

We just sold away our first Ice cream Necklace. Today Created a new Ice cream. And I suppose this will be the last piece as already used up this batch of Cups. 
My next creations size, color of miniature cups will be totally different. But.. also imported from Japan.

I still have not thought about what to make this into.. ? What will you like this to be?
This listing is for 1 Sweet delicious looking Kawaii Strawberry Sundae Necklace in first 3 pics.
Last picture is not inclusive.

Ice cream cup measures approximately 2 1/2 inch in total height.

Entire piece all handmade without mold but of course the acrylic cup was manufactured and imported from Japan.

Well. It has been made into my all time fav/ again. Sweet charming ribbon necklace ^.^